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ziBeesYard case study

ziBeesYard is an app designed for beekeepers with migratory apiaries. During app development, our main focus was to ensure the app helps find information on the location of currently flowering rapeseed so that the beekeeper could choose the right place for their apiaries and, consequently, produce quality honey. In order to provide the user with reliable and verified data, the YellowAI algorithm for identifying flowering rapeseed fields was implemented. Additionally, the app was equipped with a module for viewing, creating, and editing user’s apiaries and hives. Current weather and a 5-day forecast is available for each apiary.

The system can also help the user pick the best location for their apiary. To this end, the app combines several key pieces of information such as the largest current concentration of flowering fields, the flight range of the bees, and the optimal area where transporting bees is possibly the least harmful, as agreed upon with beekeepers. In addition, ziBeesYard helps determine the route and find a new place for the apiary.

In the near future, the app will be capable of predicting the flowering of rapeseed fields, allowing beekeepers to prepare their apiaries for transport before flowering is fully in effect. We also want to add information on the flowering of other plants such as lime trees, buckwheat, and heather. The current app is the first version of our system, which we want to keep developing together with the users and according to their needs.

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